Flexible filler for cracks treatment

  • Flexible and fiber rich
  • Moves with the substrates without cracking
  • Remains flexible after drying
  • Thick consistency, low shrinkage
  • Up to 10 mm per coat



Primed wood

New or renovated substrates, either unpainted or painted: • Gypsum plaster, plaster tiles, plasterboards, Old painted surfaces, Any fi llers, Cement, concrete


All types of waterborne or mineral paints: waterproofing coatings and TOUPRET exterior fillers. Do not cover straight over with polyurethane or solvent-based epoxy paintsunless primed with a waterborne exterior paint


Format Weight Covered area in m²
Cartridge 0.310 Kg
Tub 1 Kg
Bucket 5 Kg