Working together for a sustainable activity! REDUCE IMPACTS ON THE ENVIRONMENT

Developing and manufacturing products with attention to nature

The right balance between high quality and environment respect:

  • Made of naturally occurring raw materials (up to 99% depending on the products), our fillers are “clean” fillers. 
  • A low-waste and low-emissions production combined with optimised goods transports for the carbon footprint to be under control.  
  • TOUPRET production plants have been NF Environment-certified which ensures that the air and water release of pollutants are below the regulatory limits.

Healthy breathing

Toupret fillers contribute to indoor air quality

Our products meet the directives intended to reduce pollutants indoor emissions such as VOC.

The rating ranges goes from A+ (the product emission is very low or non-existent) to C (the product presents a high emission level). 95% of TOUPRET marketed products are labelled either A+ or A.

100% committed in a voluntary  NF ENVIRONMENT certification process :  

TOUPRET provides trade professionals with daily guiding and is committed to them  concerning :

  • Health protection
  • Reduction of impacts on the environment
  • Ensuring them to be granted the best guiding on the ability to use its products

Using TOUPRET NFE labelled products garantees :

  • More environment-friendly products, as far as both their production phases and their product life cycle are concerned so as the absence of hazardous materials.
  • Products which performances compare well to other similar products:  a certified product is as effective and well-performing than another product dedicated to the same purposes.

Toupret is commited to quality products

100% committed

TOUPRET has committed for several decades to a continuous improvement process relevant to ISO 9001 quality certification. The company keeps developing quality products ever more respectful to the environment and works on wastes reduction.

100% responsable

Toupret actively contributes to economic and social development by ensuring the respect for humans and the society.

Toupret is committed to innovation

Innovation is central in Toupret values. Its purpose is to develop new effective and easy solutions to allow customers to succeed in their renovation and decoration projects, regardless their level of expertise. Toupret innovation serves the applier, the respect of the environment.