Preparation of the substrate
Which filler would you recommend to treat humidity issues on walls (when the paint is pilling off)?

HUMIBLOCK is treatment filler dedicated to interior of exterior damp masonry. It will stand as a barrier against the residual water contained in your substrate while enabling the water vapour evaporation thanks to its high water vapour permeability. This is the reason why it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the over coating paint should be water vapour permeable too.

Which filler would you recommend to treat moving cracks?

FIBACRYL is flexible filler for moving cracks treatment which remains flexible after drying and moves with the substrates without cracking. It could be applied up to 10 mm per coat with a thick consistency and has low shrinkage.

What are the main assets of TOP 1 / TOP 2, your surface preparation putty/stucco?

TOP 1 - TOP 2 are used internally as a continuous base coat to achieve a very smooth finish before painting. No primer is required since the product has an excellent adherence capacity on the substrate (0.5 MPa).

The TOP putty can be applied on all hard, clean, sound and dry backgrounds such as cement plastering, plaster boards and concrete. Finishing : The TOP putty can be painted with all conventional types of paint, (as well as epoxy, and polyurethane)or covered by wall paper.

TOP 1 (filing putty) will give you a high filling power + Capacity to go up the 3mm thickness per coat
TOP 2 (finishing putty) will help to reduce paint consumption (up to 15%) thank to a very low absorption.

Which filler with high levelling properties on masonry substrates would you recommend ?

HARDWALL : Base coat plaster in powder for levelling large areas on uneven raw masonry substrates, interior use, manual application.
This product can be applied on : concrete, shuttered concrete, rendered cement, bricks and breeze blocks.

Which filler would you recommend to apply on exterior walls?

PLANITH : Levelling surface filler in powder form for all rough masonry substrates - for exterior and interior use - manual application.
This product can be applied on: cement, concrete, brick, stone, masonry and cellular concrete.