Toupret EC3 is a multifunction filler in powder form best for filling holes and cracks, levelling, as well as taping and jointing plasterboards.

Easy to sand, white and fine, EC3 can also be used to face fill with success wide surfaces.

This adhesive-filler is made of selected quarry materials and cellulose binder and dedicated for interior use.

EC3 can be applied manually on rough substrates such as: plaster, plastertiles, plasterboards, rough substrates, any fillers, cement, concrete, cellular concrete, breeze blocks and stones.

EC3 provides a very high coverage capacity as it skims up to 5 mm and has no depth limitation when it comes to filling. Overcoat with any paint, Toupret filler or wall covering once the filler is fully dry.

EC3 is available in 20 kg bags.